Fathers Day Gift Card

Family Portrait Photography Voucher ( Special Offer) £30

Make Fathers Day a special family day.

Re-Opening Offer

Half Price Photography session at our studio in Dorchester.  £45 instead of £90

PLUS £100 Credit to put towards one of our beautiful Framed Wall Portraits or Heirloom Family Albums.

It’s been a tough year, where contact with family and friends has been very difficult. It’s made us realise how important family are to us.
We have been going through our family albums, reminiscing on the past and introducing children to their great grandparents. Talking about their lives and how it was in their day.
We know that the portraits we create for you will become family heirlooms for you to pass down for generations to come.
We would love to offer you and your family, a half price, fantastic photography session at out studio in Dorchester.
You will have a great time at the studio, we are very child friendly have unlimited free parking and take our time to produce beautiful pictures that we know you will love.
We are there to capture those special moments for you.

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Portraits your family will love for generations

After the session, we will arrange a private viewing session at our photography studio in Charminster/Dorchester where you will be treated to a custom-made digital slideshow set to music.

This is where you choose how you want to display your photographs and decide what you would like to buy.

Our beautiful custom designed boxed family albums are printed with the utmost care for you and your family to cherish forever and our stunning custom designed, framed wall portraits, will stay with you, throughout your life and become valuable family heirlooms.

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