Pet Photography

Share the love of your extra family members, with pet photography from Seven Springs Studios.

We all love our pets, they are like another family member and their photo belongs amongst the family portraits.

Capturing a lively pet in a studio environment can be a challenge. We offer the option to photograph your precious pet where he or she is most happy. That might be in the studio, running around in a field or even sat on the sofa at home. Wherever they are comfortable.

We like to get natural photos of your pets, so we capture them playing, and cuddling up to you or in any way they are most relaxed and at ease.

Imagine your gorgeous dog jumping and running about in the stunning Dorset countryside whilst our award-winning photographer takes some fantastic shots.

We like a challenge and we’re open to most ideas. No matter how big or small the animal, we can produce fun or formal shots of them for you to put on your wall next to all your other family portraits.

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½ PRICE Pet Shoot - Only £25

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